About Elements


“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”
– Coco Chanel

Over three decades, Jeannine DalPra and Toby Glickman have built their unique and impeccable business on one simple belief: what you surround yourself with must bring out the best in you. Just as you savor the company of friends who understand you and make you laugh, they believe your surroundings must bring you comfort and pleasure, and enhance the way you feel every day. To Elements, this is the true meaning of luxury, and it is deeply personal.

With this belief as second nature, Jeannine and Toby serve as both home and personal stylists. Helping clients achieve magical and unexpected combinations of tableware, objets d’art, jewelry and fashion accessories is their passion. They gather a world of beautifully unique items on their trips at home and abroad, and delight in listening and working with their customers to develop a highly personal sense of luxury. Whether buying for yourself, your family or your friends, a trip to Elements is an adventure in creating looks of the highest quality, beauty and charm that will make each day uniquely yours.